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4 Reasons Why You Need To Network and Build Relationships in Your Cowork

Nicki Empson

16 July 2018

We're just going to throw it out there; you need to be networking and building relationships within your coworking space. If you aren't already, it's never too late to start. But you need to do it. We get it, we know, it can be difficult; the conversation opener can be awkward, a response may not be what you expected, the small-talk might be hard to break through, it might just not be your day, or theirs, but do it anyway. The more you network the easier, and more rewarding, it becomes. Here are your 4 reasons why you need to network your ass off in your coworking space. Start today!





Sharing ideas helps create even better ideas. Who doesn't want to improve their idea? Collaborating and sharing ideas allows us to connect ideas in new ways; join the dots in different directions, if you will. The saying 'two heads are better than one' springs to mind right about now. Not one single brain is capable of coming up with an idea, analysing it from all possible different angles, and developing the idea into the 'perfect idea' based on that analysis, it simply isn't possible. Even Albert Einstein didn't build and develop his ideas alone! Talking your ideas through with people, even talking people's' ideas through with them, can help progress and improve your idea, allowing it to move into the next stage, which means one step closer to the idea that makes everyone else say: 'I wish I had thought of that!'.




Most of the time, opportunities are all about who you know. Yes, it's partly about what you know, but who you know should never be underestimated. Imagine you work in the HR department of a company and you are looking to hire a freelance developer: you are looking for a freelance developer to build your company's new website and you are presented with 100 job applications with CVs and portfolios attached all in your email inbox. You also just ate lunch with a friend of yours and you tell him that you have 6 interviews this afternoon with potential candidates. Wait, he tells you, he was introduced to a developer in his coworking space yesterday, the guy seems like a really great guy and mentioned a cool project he just finished. In fact, your friend tells you the guy is actually looking for a new project to take on. As he is telling you this, he takes out his mobile and tells you he has his number and will send it to you so you can give him a call to have a chat. Who do you go for? One of the 100 people you have no connection to who have sent you emails, or the coworker of your reliable and trustworthy friend? We would bet you would go with the coworker of your friend. And that, our fellow coworkers, is just one possible scenario of how networking and building relationships in your coworking space can open doors to new opportunities.



We aren't talking your emotional support network, well we could be, you never know who will lend a helping hand but we recommend you continue going to your best bud if you need some relationship advice. We are talking about your career support network. Networking and building relationships in your coworking space gives you access to people that have been through the same professional challenges you are navigating now-and they made it out the other end to tell the tale! People are always willing to share their stories, their errors, their lessons, and their advice with people who could benefit from knowing. All you need to do is to introduce yourself, ask the right questions, and keep your ears open. 



Last but most definitely not least, networking and building relationships improves the quality of, and richens your life. Your coworking space is a place designed not just to help you flourish in your professional life, but in your personal life too. The people you meet in your cowork are not just great candidates for future business partners, but for future friends too. We all know that healthy and flourishing relationships are the key to happiness so why not use the place you spend much of your week to build relationships, be it a foosball partnership, a beer buddy, a fellow beach runner, or just a good friend.


There is nothing to be lost from networking and building relationships, and a whole lot to be gained. Networking can happen at a networking event, but it can also happen over a quick lunch,  a post-work foosball game, over a coffee, or a trusty old brew. At OneCoWork we believe in creating as many valuable connections for all of our members. That is why every week we offer a range of events, meetups, talks, presentations, and afterwork drinks to give you as many opportunities to build meaningful relationships, to make the most out of your time, and to simply say hello to your coworkers. Join us next week for a OneCoWork Yoga Session, a Breakfast Club, a Roundtable Talk, or if you're really busy and can only fit a fun Friday Afterworks in, join us for that! For all events happening at OneCoWork check out the Events Page on our website, or have a chat with one of our Community Managers who can fill you in!

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