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Member Spotlight: Bianca Esteller

Charles Ekpenyong
04 December 2018

In the spotlight this week is Bianca Esteller - having studied journalism, aviation chose her. Stay with us to find out more!

Hola Bianca, tell us about yourself!

I was born in Romania, moved to Dubai and started my aviation journey when I was 19 as a flight attendant.

Outside of work... well a few years ago I became an avid reader; it helps me unwind. I don’t have much free time, but when I do, I love having dinner and drinks, with friends and family.

Share a little bit about your career journey...

I studied journalism but aviation chose me. It is my biggest passion, I could not see my life without or outside aviation. I am happy I have the opportunity to work in this field.

I started working as a flight attendant for a small airline in Dubai, I was craving a bigger airline so I joined Emirates, moving to Qatar Airways as a Recruitment Specialist in Cabin Crew and now I am working with OSM aviation as a recruiter.

I pre-plan our recruitment campaigns and handle the interviews for the flight attendant positions. Currently, I am recruiting for Emirates airline.

Where is your favourite place in OneCoWork?

On the terrace, sometimes meditating or having a phone call and always with a cup of coffee attached to my hand.

Give 3 tips to our readers 

  1.   Be patient, good things come to those who wait.
  2.   Business attire is a must for any type of interview.
  3.   Confidence will get you the job.

How do we get in contact with you?

People can connect with me through my Linkedin page: Bianca Esteller

Who inspires you?

My mother and my husband, both the strongest and smartest people I know.

Words to live by

Beauty is the least interesting thing about you. (beauty will eventually fade, at the end of the day you need to be a good person)

Book recommendation (or a movie if you want to cop-out)

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

It´s a psychological thriller, my favourite genre. Please read the book, do not be a cop-out and watch the movie. You can get it on Amazon, here.

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