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Breakfast Club Report: Dror Wayne

Meaghan Kincaid
19 July 2018

Today at OneCoWorkDror Wayne, discussed 5 tactics on how to make more money in less time. Interested in making more money? Keep reading!


Dror Wayne has recently joined the marketing team at OneCoWork and during this week’s Breakfast Club, he gave us a little insight on how we can save time and make more money. In addition to expanding his professional career, he is the Sales 
Director of MAGNIV Photomagnets Ltd, based in the UK.  


So what are the 5 tactics?

Nurture your money makers but kill your time wasters
Obey the body whilst staying in control
Managing emails and phone calls
Dealing with taxes and self-assessment

Dror points out the need for entrepreneurs to analyze what it is they offer. He says business owners should ask themselves which of their products or services are generating the most revenue and focus exclusively on that – rather than wasting time on less profitable avenues. Similarly, with marketing, he believes in working out which advertising sources are the most valuable and invest time and money exclusively, or almost exclusively, into those. Whether it be an organic channel such as networking, or paid channels such as SEM and PPC.
He notes that the inverse is true with what takes up your time. He described how as a freelancer, he had both direct and indirect clients. While direct clients took up a lot of time, they only usually booked once and were far less profitable. Therefore, he decided to no longer take direct clients, because indirect clients took up only 20% of the time and were 5 times more profitable!

It has been said over and over again that fueling your body properly will help you stay more alert and focused at work. Dror harped on this once again by telling us that just 15 minutes of a simple workout will refuel your mind and boost your energy!

Templating is key. Creating templates for emails, or invoices will save you time and make you more efficient at work.

Along with saving time by using templates, you can also save time by managing your emails and calls better. Dror suggests checking email twice a day, as opposed to every hour. By checking your email once in the morning, you are able to respond or send out the necessary emails. Later, you can check and see how many you have received and handle them all at once!

Lastly, the dreaded taxes. When tax season comes around people scramble for their paperwork. Rather than searching all over your office for the proper paperwork, if you create an excel sheet where you’ve organized your expenses and invoices properly throughout the year, you will save time and stress! Becoming more efficient with your business will save you loads of time and a lot of money that you normally wouldn’t expect.

Thank you, Dror, for such a great presentation! We definitely will start following these 5 simple tactics.

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 How to make more money in less time breakfast club with dror wayne  from OneCoWork

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