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Member Spotlight: Clemens Rychlik

Dror Wayne
11 December 2018

The spotlight this week is on 29 year-old Digital Marketing Manager Clemens Rychlik, a personal desk member at OneCoWork Plaça Catalunya who, if he were an animal, would be a penguin. Find out why, below!

Buenos días, Clemens. Tell us a bit about yourself!

I come from a Polish family and was born & raised in Vienna (Austria). I then studied in Sheffield, Dublin and Brussels; worked in Madrid for 2 years and finally settled in Barcelona in 2016.

I’m obsessed with sports: I have been playing football since I learned how to walk and nowadays I find running a great outlet for dealing with stress. Besides that, I also love to watch the Rangers FC and Baltimore Ravens whenever I get the chance.

“If you want to be happy, first you need to identify what you want to achieve in life”

And professionally, what is it you do and how did you get there?

After working in the finance industry and then as a consultant in the technology sector, I discovered that what I enjoy most is dealing with diverse and cool projects, in a fast-moving environment where I can be both analytic and creative.

This ultimately brought me to my current role at the marketing agency Bourbon Creative and at the media platform Barcinno where I work as a digital marketing manager. I mainly do research and crush numbers, to create a data-driven inbound marketing strategy for new clients and then I manage different projects and teams to execute the recommended strategy.


Give 3 Tips to our Readers

If you want to be happy, first identify what you want to achieve in life (happiness, helping other people, making lots of money, becoming famous,...) and then work towards that goal - just like in digital marketing.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone; be yourself

Be happy, thankful and compassionate

So why would you be a penguin?

Because they always look smart and are hilarious!

Book recommendation (or a movie if you want to cop-out)

If you live in Barcelona, I would definitely recommend reading “The Shadow Of The Wind” & “Homage to Catalonia” as both are great books that are set locally and will make you look at familiar spots with different eyes. If I had to pick a recent book I’ve read, I really enjoyed “The Kite Runner” as it was a huge page turner with a great story, unexpected twists and interesting insights into life in different cultures.

What’s your favourite place in OneCoWork - and how can people contact you?

I’m the weird guy who works most of the time from a standing desk with massive headphones, on the 3rd floor. However, I love to move around a lot (although I swear I haven’t been diagnosed with ADHD yet) so I can occasionally be spotted on the terrace, basement or on the couches in the breakout areas. You can also connect with me online, on Linkedin and Twitter.


Bourbon Creative OneCoWork’s in-house marketing agency, providing a variety of content marketing solutions tailored to your business. Contact Clemens to find the package for you, via

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