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Startup Ecosystems: How to Harness the Full Potential

Laura Gonzalez
19 April 2018

On Tuesday an event in collaboration with The Harbour Space University took place at OneCoWork and here you will be able to see what you missed.

The speaker, one of our very own members Scott Mackin, founder of Bourbon and Barcinno, gave us a complete overview on harnessing the Potential of Startup Ecosystems.


What is a startup ecosystem? It is a deliberate initiative by people and organizations to create new companies in a specific location.

The main stakeholders of this organization are:

  • Research and universities,
  • Capital,
  • Service providers,
  • Government,  
  • Corporations.

In order to function, a startup ecosystem has to gather ideas, talents, capital, and customers. On the other hand, it cannot be exclusive since it needs a community to work, an  inclusive startup ecosystem is the key to success.

Startup ecosystems are expanding all around the world. And allows the tech sector to grow fastly. That is to say that startups depend on an environment to grow but it takes almost 20 years to create a vibrant startup ecosystem.


Did you know that Barcelona is a dynamic startup ecosystem? Thanks to:

  • Its competitive economy
  • Innovation and culture
  • Creativity and entrepreneurship
  • Global and international
  • Talent and education through the vast number of universities and respected schools
  • Business mindset

Barcelona is in the Top 20 of Startup Hubs and in the Founders’ Top 10 Startup Hubs in Europe. Indeed, lots of events take place in this city which enhance its innovation and business mindset and participate in the improvement of the startup ecosystem.

On the other hand, English is still a problem in Spain and in Barcelona too. Not everybody speaks it and when it comes to business it can lead to some issues. Paperwork is also a problem in the Spanish Bureaucracy, it takes time to get everything you need for your business and that's a big disadvantage


  • 1000+ startups
  • $6.4 Billion valuation
  • 30 000 Tech Workers
  • 23% of employees in Barcelona startups are immigrants

Barcelona Startup ecosystem is rich, a lot of startups are born here. You surely must know some of them: eCooltra, Glovo, Badi, Cornerjob or 21 Buttons but there are just a few to compare to the startups’ panel Barcelona clusters.


Coworks are startups incubators, for example at OneCoWork we can count amongst our members, almost 180 companies and entrepreneurs. Coworking spaces definitely are a springboard for this kind of business: by networking, you'll meet new people, make personal and professional contacts, help other companies and equally be inspired by all of them. These can only be positive points that make your startup grow.

Join our community, come and discover our new coworking space: OneCoWork Plaça Catalunya, we will be opening our doors in June 2018. Get in touch to secure a space for you and your team!

Thank you for coming to the event we hope to see you soon there is a lot to come.

Scott Mackin startup ecosystems presentation april 2018 from OneCoWork

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